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Apples a Day!
Apples a day...
 Oh, what a beautiful day for two wonderful apples!
 Bapple the apple, and Gapple the apple were two identical apples. 
Each of the apples were big as a grapefruit, crisp as a cool morning breeze, shiny as the sun at noon day, and red as a prize winning rose.  Each of the apples held tight to the mother tree with a strong, thick stem, while the sun glistened off the radiant apples’ skin.
Each of the apples thought that this would be their day of rejoicing as they awaited the farmer’s wife.
For it was that special time of the season, the time that apples dream about, the time of the selection for the farmer’s wife’s prized apple pie that she would enter in the county fair.  Every year as the small apple blossoms would burst forth, the mother tree would tell of the great apples who had gone before.

“We have quite a legacy to live up to,” she would say, “the farmer’s wife is known through-out the county for the most delicious apple pie’s.  If you, my tender little blossoms, will spring forth in full flower and use all of the nourishment that is offered to you, and grow with all that you have – you may meet the measure of your creation and be selected by the farmer’s wife for this great honor .”

Bapple and Gapple both remembered these wise words of their mother tree and hung patiently waiting for the choice day. 

Today, those long days of growth would come to an end, for today was the selection day.
The farmer’s wife walked quietly through the vast orchard gazing left and right at the many magnificent trees of the orchard.
Occasionally, she would stop and stare intensely at the many beautiful apples.  She would stand for a moment, and then move slowly to the next tree.  Once in awhile, she would extend her hand to pluck a lucky apple from it’s mother’s branches to place carefully into her basket.
Bapple and Gapple were glad to see that as she approached their tree, her basket still had room for at least one more apple.  The farmer’s wife stopped right in front of Bapple and Gapple, their cores trembled with excitement and fear.  Both of them thought, “will she pick me?  Will I be part of her beautiful pie?  Or will I be harvested with the many apples to be sold off to the many stores across the land?”
“My what truly beautiful apples these two are,” the farmer’s wife exclaimed, “mother apple tree you have done very well.  Tell me apples, what makes you so wonderful this day that I should choose you for my pie?”
Bapple spoke right up, “see my brilliant shiny red skin, and feel, I am as crisp as any apple in the orchard, I have grown long and hard for you, I am worthy of your pie!”
“You are truly a magnificent apple,“ She responded, “and what of you, what makes you worthy of my pie?” asked the farmer’s wife as she turned to Gapple.
 “I too have grown with all of my might to become the apple that I am.”  Answered Gapple.
“Ah, yes, the two of you are certainly worthy apples on the outside, but I cherish that which is within you.  What is it that makes you great among apples.”  Inquired the farmer’s wife.

“Pluck me from this tree that holds me prisoner here in the orchard, take me into your hands and feel the sturdy structure within my skin, it is solid to the core, rid me of the seeds that lay within me, cast them away to the trash so that you may take my apple flesh to flavor your pie.  See all that I have done for you with the limited nourishment offered me while I have grown.  I am strong because I have grown despite the rainy days that hide the sun from my skin,  I am strong despite the wind that tried to knock me from this tree.  I am strong despite the hot sunny days that tried to dry up my radiance.” Declared Bapple.
 “Interesting, you have done well despite all the factors that hold you back,” Answered the farmer’s wife, “and you my other apple friend.”

“I am home with this tree that has been mother to me, I cherish the moments in her tender care.  She has given me nourishment, protection, and love.  But I know that I bring honor to her and all that have helped me by going forth to make your prize pie. I too am shiny and red as you can judge.  I too am solid to the core.  But take my seeds and use them for new trees to bring forth greater fruit.   Judge for yourself all that I have become with the nourishment offered me while I have grown.  I am strong because of the rainy days that supplied water to my mother‘s roots,  I am strong because of the wind that made my stem thick.  I am strong because of the hot sunny days that filled me with the nutrients of the sun.”  explained Gapple.
The farmer’s wife stood for only a moment and then quietly took Gapple by the stem and pulled.  She gently placed Gapple in her basket and covered him with a soft, white towel.
 “ Well done!” whispered the farmer’s wife to the mother tree.
 “ Well done!” whispered the farmer’s wife to Gapple as she turned and walked back to the house.
(© Karl Egbert 2002)

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